Just another Cup in the Wall – Donate Today

Just another Cup in the Wall – Donate Today

SCYS  want to bulid a  GIANT  wall of Noodle Cups.

 Noodle cups are great for those that have no fixed address, a quick warm meal on hand and of course they are a favourite with our Young People when they Drop Into the centre.

During May SCYS is working on building a giant wall of noodle cups,SCYS wants to see how many noodle cups we can collect and how high we can build a wall of noodle cups. 

You can support us by organising a donation drive, dropping off a few cups to us or make a donation by clicking the link below and we will purchase noodle cups to add to the Wall. 

Every week we will post our progress on our facebook page and acknowledge our amazing supporters. Add your pictures to our facebook page and tag #SCYSNoodleCupWall

If you would like to drop off a donation or want to organise a donation drive and want promotional material please contact us at reception@scys.org.au 

We can’t wait to share our progress with your help!

Would you consider donating today?

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