Educational Outreach Program Certificate II General Education

Educational Outreach Program Certificate II General Education

Through our partnership with North Metro TAFE, the service opens doors for young people who have disengaged with mainstream schooling to complete their Certificate of General Education for Adults II (year 10 equivalency) and in 2023 Certificate I General Education for Adults within our purpose-built space.

The program is targeted at 16 to 25 year-olds and runs on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with our TAFE Lecturer.  Enrolments are taken at the beginning of each semester to register or enrol please call Swan City Youth Service on 92743488.

During break times young people have access to all the Drop In areas and Youth Workers in a non judgemental and safe space.

Here the students have the support of the youth workers, who are able to help them navigate the other issues in their life. This allows the Tafe Lecturer to just teach but know that there is support of the youth workers who can step in and assist with the many other issues that the young person may be going through, whether it’s, accommodation, anxiety, substance use, behavioural & relational issues just to name a few.

The service is also equipped to have a safe place for young people to learn in, but also has a feel that is different from mainstream schooling. Many of the students that come have had issue in mainstream and have found the environment better for them to learn and well supported by all the staff.