Youth Alcohol & Drug Support

Youth Alcohol & Drug Support

Funded by WAPHA (WA Primary Health Alliance)

This program opens the door to outreach and in-service support to those struggling with addiction or wanting to minimise the harm associated with substance use.

Young people can access counselling, case management, court support and youth workers who will assist them in every step of their recovery journey.

We partner with multiple agencies such as Mission Australia’s Drug and Alcohol Youth Service, WA Substance Users Association, Holyoake Midland and Headspace Midland to provide additional support to young people in the substance abuse cycle.  Through a range of services including referrals, education, trend identification, counselling and outreach these partnerships allow us to refer young people to a doctor for a Mental Health Care Plan, if needed and the ability to access bulk billing for psychologists and support.

At Swan City Youth Service, we understand that addiction and substance use is a journey. We do not judge or remind of where a young person has come from but, rather, where they are going and where you want to be.