We aim to provide one-stop-shop for  young people aged 12 - 25 years old providing a range of educational, recreational, life skill, art and music  programs and a variety of services including drug and alcohol counselling, mental health support, weekly medical clinics, and assistance with finding accommodation and accessing Centrelink or any other services required.

We are the largest Youth Service in the North East Region and predominantly work with marginalised young people "at risk". Working from a holistic model we aim to accommodate all the needs required by the young person and link them with other service's who do the same. As the complexity of the issues these young people are facing increases, so does the importance of having partnership agencies who work together with us to streamline the referral process for young people, making things much more comfortable and easily accessible for all.

We are a Non-Government, Not-For-Profit Youth Service with Charitable Status and a Preferred Service Provider for the Department of Child Protection . We have been working with young people within Midland and surrounding suburbs for 30years and everything we do is run at no cost to the young people with who we work.

We receive some State and Federal funding and survive off grants, valuable partnership's with other agencies and generous community donations. Staff at SCYS have been here for years and therefore have a great rapport within the community and trust from the young people. All young people are welcome at SCYS and are treated equally with the same expectations as the next. We do not see colour, race or gender and are not concerned about where you've come from, but are here to help you on your journey to where you want to be.

Everything we do is done at the young person's pace and is dependant on how involved they want to be with the staff and service. Some may just come have a coffee, something to eat and simply use the facilities; where others will come and access all that is available to them including education, programs, counselling and case management. There is no pressure, young people come and go as they like and most find us via word of mouth from friends.

For a small team of staff our numbers of young people accessing the service are ever growing with last year seeing 964 individual young people and over 5000 contacts use SCYS. It is the support of funding bodies, partner agencies and more importantly the community in which we work that provide us with the flexibility to provide what we do to the young people of Midland and surrounding suburbs.


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